About Us

Meat production at an industrial level requires an incredible amount of energy to maintain consistent production, due to their power hungry equipment. This allows a huge surge of need for industrial engineers, and more importantly Electricians to maintain their production facilities.

ESMGPA.org was made to allow electricians to be informed about the needs of our expertise in meat production. Informing our readers of the development of the meat industries need for engineers and electricians through articles on their industrialization and the equipment they use in the production facilities.

Our aim is to educated professionals regarding the industry where jobs have opened up in, later on helping them connect with different companies allowing them to easily transition from other industries into the meat industry.

Each article we post is a researched and written in a way to allow our readers a peek into what duties an electrician would face in the once unlikely industry to need one. From the smallest yet essential part of production to the larges and equally important, we will get to know more about meat production as it has become a part of our professions’ duties to maintain and power.

Everyone in ESMGPA.org does their part to uncover more and more job opportunities for electricians and engineers. In an ever-expanding technological world, every day there are more things we need to learn about, more things to power and maintain, to keep the world turning!