How to Spot an Unscrupulous Towing Company

We’ve all parked cars in spots where we are not allowed to. When your vehicle gets hauled away, such an incident could turn into an expensive and time-consuming inconvenience. But who are you going to call? Are all the companies providing towing services the same?

How to Spot an Unscrupulous Towing Company

Towing businesses can be very honest and obey all the laws and principles of running a trustworthy company. There would be some, however, who will play dirty with vulnerable individuals. Some of the ways you can protect yourself from their unscrupulous conduct are discussed below. Continue reading to find out how to deal with only the most reliable Irvine towing service provider.

The Tactics of Dishonest Towing Businesses

Below are the scams of unscrupulous towing businesses that you should know so you can avoid it at all costs. These business practices are not legal or ethical but for some reason, some towing companies are getting away with it. It’s best that you protect your interests at all times.

No Parking Trapping

Dishonest towing businesses are known to partner with con individuals and real estate owners. Such owners will put up a no parking sign on their property but they will put it somewhere discreet. Then they will ask towing businesses to watch over their lot and remove any car parked on it.

Accident Tracking

Unscrupulous towing businesses also track vehicle accidents very carefully. They will then tow the vehicles involved in such accidents and take them to a car repair shop of their preference. The car repair shop will then extort big cash from the car owner’s insurance company and then pays the tow operator a part of the proceeds.


Dishonest tow operators will haul the vehicle and only release them after forcing you to pay a huge amount of cash. If you don’t pay the amount, they won’t release your car. But the longer the car is in their possession, the storage fees get bigger.

Predatory Towing

Towing businesses are always looking for violations within minutes of parking to tow away vehicles in the first instance. These companies are like preying on cars so that they can tow them and earn money out of it.

Insurance Fraud

Some towing businesses can also try to obtain insurance data from someone and then they will use that data to create false claims. This is a very common type of insurance fraud. Don’t be the unfortunate person who is trapped in between such a scam.

You must always be watchful for these scammers. It is important to do a lot of research when hiring towing companies. Safeguard yourself from paying towing businesses expensively and needlessly. These unscrupulous individuals thrive on people’s ignorance about their rights and things that towing businesses can and cannot do.

By knowing exactly how a towing business should act and what things they can do, you are protecting yourself from falling as their victim. Towing companies that do these unethical practices should be driven out of business soon. Report them to the authorities or file a case against them.