Towing Services and Your Car Insurance Provider

You were in an accident requiring the towing of your vehicle. You called the local enforcement and they said that they’re going to your location. You’re going to call your car insurance company as well but there are some questions at the back of your mind. How will you get your vehicle towed and who will pay for it?

Towing Services and Your Car Insurance Provider

First of all, it is difficult to determine right away which party is deemed guilty of the accident. You may have your own views on that issue but the investigation of the police will rule. With that said, you can’t know right away if the towing service will be covered by your own insurance or the insurance provider of the other party. You also won’t know the type of insurance coverage the other party owns and whether your insurance company will pay for your vehicle’s towing, even if the accident is the other party’s fault.

What Will Your Insurance Provider Pay For?

If you are ultimately found guilty of the accident, your claim will be limited to the basic towing service. Your insurance provider will most probably cover all reasonable expenses within a specific range. In other words, if you’re out of the city limits and you want to get your vehicle towed back home, then you will shoulder a majority of the cost. So even before you get into an accident, it is necessary to understand fully your insurance coverage.

No matter what the situation is, you have to call your car insurance company. Explain to them the specifics of the accident. You also should ask them to call a trusted towing business in the area for you or at least provide you with a company that you can contact. Doing so is the best way of avoiding can insurance coverage disputes later on.

Why You Need to Involve Your Insurance Provider

So, what if you don’t tell your car insurance provider about the accident or the towing service that you need? Two most probable things may happen. The first probability is that a random towing service will learn about the accident through a police scanner and show up first to the location of the incident. The second probability is that the police officer will call the towing business on rotation to the scene.

You may also call a towing company on your own, preferably one that you trust. If you’re a member of an automobiles group, you may also request for the towing service associated with them. But then again, if you go with these options, then car insurance provider may not completely cover the cost of towing. That’s one reason why you should call them, to at least know where they stand. 

Some insurance companies prefer to work with reputable towing businesses because of their services, facilities, and equipment. So, don’t hesitate to talk with your car insurance provider to be able to take advantage of the best Hesperia tow truck to haul your vehicle away. Doing so is also in your best interests.