Will Towing Damage Your Vehicle?

Although towing is not really difficult to understand, it requires a lot of your attention. After all, it can be a complex process at times. Your vehicle will go through a lot when it is towed, more particularly the transmission and the engine. It is, therefore, a great idea to know about the potential risks associated with towing. As the driver, you should also know what you do to avoid damaging your car further and other similar negative scenarios.

Will Towing Damage Your Vehicle?

So, what damages can your car sustain by towing it? Is towing really harmful to vehicles? The brief response is this: it might. Primarily your vehicle’s wheels and transmission are affected. If you’re towing your car on the highway using the drive wheels and your car’s transmission is not in neutral, then you may damage your vehicle’s engine, transmission, tires, and linkages. This applies to all cars, manual or automatic.

How to Prevent Towing Damages

Of course, all licensed towing companies must have fully trained and well-experienced mechanics in their team. They should know what to do these situations. But even so, it is highly suggested that you learning about all the processes involved with towing just to be safe at all times. But then, if you have already experienced having a car being damaged by a tow truck, then you may want to know what you can do to avoid that problem in the future. Here are some tips:

Place the Transmission on Neutral

As already stated, you have to put your vehicle in the neutral when being towed. This is very important, which is why tow truck drivers will ask you to do so at the moment they arrive. If the vehicle being towed is in a park or driveway and the drive wheels will be used during towing, then it is likely that the tires, transmission, and linkage could get damaged. This happens because the drive wheels can’t turn if they aren’t in the neutral throughout the process of towing. As a result, your car will be dragged across the highway.

Mindthe Parking Brakes

Making sure that your parking brake is not on as it is important as putting your vehicle in the neutral position. If your car is a four-wheel-drive vehicle then things can get extra tricky for you. It is strongly suggested that you momentarily remove the rear driveshaft from your car. Also, be sure that the back wheels are the ones touching the ground.

Keep the Car’s Owner Manual Handy

Like what they always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Expect to have improved and better versions of cars released on the market. Some car mechanics are not well-versed with the newer models. You can always hand them the manual before towing away your vehicle to further ensure its safety. With that said, try to keep your car’s handbook in the glove compartment.

Speak Up

Don’t hesitate to spot the errors related to handling your vehicle. While the towing company’s team should be highly trained, they could still make mistakes. Their mistakes may damage your car so make sure that it doesn’t happen. To ensure the safety of your vehicle, always work with a reputable Anaheim towing service provider.